Frequently Asked Questions

What is Campfire?

Campfire is a 3D virtual games platform that has many social games like Taboo and Pictionary built in. Users can hangout and play games together in a relaxed social space

When can I use Campfire?

Campfire is currently in a closed alpha with invite only access. You can register by signing up here.

Who is Campfire for?

Anyone that likes playing multiplayer social games online.

Is webcam mandatory on the platform?

No, having webcam is completely optional. While it adds a lot to the experience, it is not needed to use the product.

How many users can be on the platform at one time?

Campfire can handle hundreds of concurrent users at any given time. Each game has different user cap, but there could be many instances of games running in parallel.

Is there a list of games?

We develop and add new games regularly. The full list of games will be available at some point.